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Most patients wonder what to expect after their first adjustment.


There are three common responses.


The first possibility is that the patient can actually feel worse! While rare, this can be caused by the examination process earlier, or because of the changes made to the spine. Ever get sore after overexertion in the garden or raking leaves? Same thing here.


Another possibility is that after the first adjustment you immediately start feeling better. While obviously welcomed by patients, this can give the false impression that the problem is fixed. However, without retraining supporting muscles and soft tissues with more visits, patients often experience a relapse of their original problem.


The most common response is practically no response! By the time some patients consult our office, they've had their problem for months, sometimes years. This can make their recovery slow. The good news is that the cause of their problem is being addressed, rather than simply numbed by drugs.


How will you respond?


Regardless of your response to your initial adjustments, we hope you'll give your body time to fully heal. Join the millions who have enjoyed relief and better health without drugs or surgery!


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